Project N: 2020-1-ES01-KA204-081780

Module 3 - Evaluation

In order to evaluate your understanding of the content of the third module of the Dali4Youth project, we share with you a series of questions. 


Congratulations you made it!!

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#1. 1/10 - An artist will need software and hardware to create digital art?

#2. 2/10 - Which one is the most popular and beginner-friendly hardware tool for drawing digital art?

#3. 3/10 - Which one is a full-featured digital painting application designed for artists and comes for free?

#4. 4/10 - Does Adobe offer video editing software?

#5. 5/10 - Which one is a multi-functional graphic design platform?

#6. 6/10 - Which software allows you to edit images and create drawings?

#7. 7/10 - Digital art requires the same knowledge and skills as traditional art does.

#8. 8/10 - Shading, hatching, burnishing, blending, scumbling and sgraffito are digital art techniques?

#9. 9/10 - Nearly all traditional art mediums have a digital analogous?

#10. 10/10 - Practicing traditional art doesn't improve digital art skills?

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