The current COVID19 pandemic has made more evident than ever that the youth do not depend on technologies only in a “leisure-time” perspective, but in many others. Many educators have pointed out that art is a great means for people to express themselves and to connect to others.

The project aims at boosting youth workers’ knowledge and competences, which in this new digitalart field will help them sympathize with the youth and, thus reinforce their motivation, self-esteem, and belief in themselves, becoming more capable of entering the labour market and/or taking an active role in the society.

With the aim of improving youth work, the project will use digital technologies with a creative and artistic perspective to promote social inclusion, something that should be prioritized by any person, entity or institution active in the youth field.


13-14th of April,2021
Kick Off Meeting
Riga, Latvia
13-14th of April,2021
1-2 December 2022
2nd Transnational Meeting
Rome, Italy
1-2 December 2022

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