Project N: 2020-1-ES01-KA204-081780

Project results

We are preparing an Online Training KIT for youth workers on Digital Art, Youth networks and an Educational game for Young Digital Artists:


Educational game for Young Digital Artists

We consider DIGITAL ART any artistic expression that has been created by using digital technologies and tools but… how can we exploit this world?

If you’d like to explore and experiment in this exciting field, have a look at the “Young Digital Artist” game and learn all about 3D modelling, typographic or vectorial art, net art, photography and digital image or digital music or sound.

Output 1

Youth Networks

The main elements of innovation lay on the capacity of young people and youth workers to collaborate, work together andcarry out patterns and needs analysis of their current situation and transform the conclusion into actions at a local level –which will be transferred to an international scenario further on.

This will bring the concepts of digital art, social inclusion and youth work together and will put them in hands of the end-users and actors. They will be able to develop actions that match 100% their needs and concerns and will be able to learn from it a set of skills and competences that will then be very important for their future participation in the labour market.


Online Training KIT for youth workers on Digital Art

Learn about new techniques and strategies to work with NEETs to promote their social inclusion and access to the labour market through experimenting with artistic expression and new digital formats.

Help them revalue their artistic and creative potential by improving your skills and competences and learning about new educational techniques. 

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