Project N: 2020-1-ES01-KA204-081780

Module 2 - Evaluation

In order to evaluate your understanding of the content of the second module of the Dali4Youth project, we share with you a series of questions. 


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#1. 1/10 - Is Multimedia Art the same as New Media?

#2. 2/10 - Does the field of art allow youth culture to be more actively involved in their learning process?

#3. 3/10 - What 3 concepts are based on the Digital Art field?

#4. 4/10 - Do you believe creative people have more difficulty communicating their ideas?

#5. 5/10 - What does VARK stand for?

#6. 6/10 - When writing a CV, what should be the priority: content or presentation?

#7. 7/10 - Should you use icons to make the CV visually appealing?

#8. 8/10 - Should you lie about time gaps in your CV?

#9. 9/10 - Presentation tools help to maintain the attention of the audience.

#10. 10/10 - Which one of the following is not an animation tool?

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