Project N: 2020-1-ES01-KA204-081780

Module 5 - Evaluation

In order to evaluate your understanding of the content of the fifth module of the Dali4Youth project, we share a series of questions. 


Congratulations you made it!!

Try Again!

#1. 1/10 - True or false: equality and equity have the same meaning.

#2. 2/10 - Which statement describes NEET?

#3. 3/10 - Which of the following does NOT represent a barrier to inclusion?

#4. 4/10 - One of the aims of the EU Youth Strategy is to grow opportunities for young people's active participation in society.

#5. 5/10 - Select the option that best describes how Digital Art promotes inclusion:

#6. 6/10 - Every young person can be considered a young native.

#7. 7/10 - Methodologies cannot be tailored to specific needs.

#8. 8/10 - Select the option that should be included in a strategy

#9. 9/10 - What does PDCA cycle mean?

#10. 10/10 - The Deming wheel and the PDCA cycle describe the same process.

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