Project N: 2020-1-ES01-KA204-081780

Module 4 - Evaluation

In order to evaluate your understanding of the content of the forth module of the Dali4Youth project, we share a series of questions.


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#1. 1/10 - When was the term "Digital Art" first used?

#2. 2/10 - Which medium was the first piece of art created with?

#3. 3/10 - When teaching "Digital Art" which is the first step that should be considered?

#4. 4/10 According to Robert Gagne, how many step processes are there?

#5. 5/10 - Which of the steps of how to make your course more interesting is incorrect?

#6. 6/10 - Is it important to merge traditional artmaking with digital drawing?

#7. 7/10 - What is not considered a digital art project, when combining traditional artmaking and technology skills?

#8. 8/10 - Is the process of self-evaluation important in learning?

#9. 9/10 - Making comments on the effectiveness of your development process is unnecessary?

#10. 10/10 - What should you avoid in the process of self-evaluation?

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